Friday, February 17, 2012

Rio de Janiero Architecture

This morning I spent some time recovering from my red eye flights last night,  and also my body is sore from having climbed a tall tree.  After getting up for breakfast I slept again for a few hours,  and was finally ready to start my day at 11am. 

The family that I am staying with has a personal driver,  and they lent him to me for the day to drive me around downtown Rio.  This turned out to be a fantastic deal,  he was able to park near where I wanted to go,  and he brought me to some extra places that I did not have on my list.  As a result,  I have lots of photos from today that I very much like.

Both the father and the son in the family fly remote control helicopters,  so I've been learning about those a great deal,  this evening I went with the dad out to a park to fly one.  That is,  he flew the helicopter,  I took photographs.  I tried flying on their flight simulator last night and managed to not crash only once out of the dozen times. 

Egret (or something) near the shore

There is a large cone shaped cathedral downtown Rio,  this is a view of the 60 foot stain glass windows on the interior,  looking up.  I spent 45 minutes in this building,  it was amazing.

Rio has some excellent street art.

The neighborhood of Lapa has a series of arches.

A distant view of one of the favelas (slums) of Rio

Ipanema Beach!  I couldn't but help hum "The Girl from Ipanema" while photographing here.  :)

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