Friday, February 3, 2012

Last day in Paramaribo

Not much to report today.  I spent the morning doing errands,  including picking up Euros in preparation for being in French Guiana,  and did a lot of research on how to travel via bus from Paramaribo to the French Guiana border.  I was feeling pretty comfortable with what I had to do when I met a guy at the hostel I'm staying.  After a while he ended up arranging to have a shared taxi pick me up tomorrow morning and drive me all the way to Albina.  This is pretty spectacular,  and I'm deeply grateful to him.  So,  tomorrow I'm off!  Tonight I'll grab some dinner,  and then, apparently,  Friday night is the night for people who live here to go out and have a good time,  so I may sample a little bit of nightlife before getting to bed early.  My taxi picks me up at 6:30am,  so I don't want to oversleep.  :)

A few more images,  I shot these yesterday.

The waiting nun.

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