Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beach and Book

Hi all.

No big news or adventures today,  I slept late and had a long morning waking up.  Probably still in recovery from Carnival a few days ago.  :)  I did two things in the afternoon:

1)  The place where I'm staying is only a small free boat ride across a lagoon from the beach.  Or,  one of Rio's beaches anyway.  They're all pretty nice,  but this one isn't named anything famous like Copacabana or Ipanema.  Still,  a very lovely beach.  I went,  laid around for a while,  read some,  then hopped in the tropical Atlantic ocean and swam for a short while,  but not too long,  since I was kind of worried about watching my bag on the beach when no one else was there to watch it for me. Still,  very lovely,  relaxing,  and the water was chilly,  nice and refreshing.

2)  I've talked about the 3 legs of my journey.  I've concluded the first leg,  that was the Caribbean and the off-the-beaten-track route through Suriname and French Guiana.  I'm now firmly in the middle of the second leg,  which is Brazil,  Uruguay,  ending in Buenos Aires.  The third leg is still undefined at the moment,  the plan was to show up in Buenos Aires and then decide what I wanted to do.  Along the way I've been getting ideas from other travelers,  and I'm strongly leaning towards the Bolivian Salt Flats and Macchu Picchu.  In order to do those places though it's extremely helpful to have a guide book,  and my guide books only cover the Guianas and Brazil.  Today,  with the help of my host family,  we found an English version of Lonely Planet's "South America on a Shoestring,"  which will be my primary guide for the rest of the trip once I exit Brazil.  I'm quite pleased I found this,  and at a reasonable price as well.

Ok,  that's it.  no photos today.  I should mention,  by the way,  that my primary lens on my camera is malfunctioning.  There's a short in it somewhere,  so when I shoot a photo I now need to turn the camera off and back on again in order to get it working.  This is slowing me down significantly as a photographer,  and I'm not sure what I'll be doing about this yet.  Perhaps I can find a camera repair store in Brasilia or Buenos Aires,  or maybe I can find an inexpensive replacement lens somewhere along the line.  Either way,  it's a little disappointing,  but not the end of the world,  I can still shoot.  And maybe it's not a bad thing either.  Slowing down and taking more care with each frame is probably just fine for me to do.  I mean,  it used to be that you only had 24 exposures on a roll.  Now I'm shooting far,  far beyond that,  and it probably is good to be a little more thoughtful each time I press the shutter.


  1. Did you check for the "I really actually wanted to take more than one photo at a time" option? Its part of the stop and smell the roses set of features I turned on before you left.

    Honestly though, I hope that it is something relatively simple. Your sure it's the lens and not the body or a bad connection with the body? I've only had issues with one lens going bad before.

    1. Lol.

      I'm sure it's the lens. The lens has the same behavior on the Canon D10 that my host family has, and my other lens works just fine on it. This is the Tamron 18-200, and the same lens (different copy) went bad at Burning Man two years ago, although in a slightly different way. I think Canon build quality is just better than Tamron, but I've been hesitant to use the Canon 18-200 given it's distortion at 18mm. Editable, I know, but still.