Friday, February 3, 2012

A quick few more photos from Paramaribo

This is what much of the local architecture looks like.  Dutch colonial.  Apparently there was a great fire in Paramaribo in 1821,  over 400 houses destroyed.  Much of what was rebuilt looks similar,  per the architectural style at the time.

Also,  there has been some interest in the hostel I'm staying in,  here are some in and around my current residence.

Finally,  a nice photo of my favorite building in town,  the wooden Catholic cathedral I've already written much about.

There you go.  Enjoy.  :)  Except for the last one,  these are what I would consider to be more "travel documentary" photos than artistic images.  My expectation is that we'll have a few more of those as I travel through the rainforest,  since I tend to like to photograph architecture. 

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  1. I think travel documentary photos are a nice complement to the text narrative. You should keep posting them. :)