Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cayenne Carnival

Yesterday was a pretty lengthy post,  so today I give you a short blog post and more photos.

I spent the day wandering around a very quiet Cayenne, French Guiana.  On Sunday nothing is open,  and there were very few people around.  I was pleased to find a few open restaurants so I could eat,  but they were far and few between.  On one end of the city I walked up a hill and found the remains of an old French fort,  so I explored that for an hour or so.  While hiding out in a brick passageway from a brief but heavy rain shower that came though,  I shared my dry spot with an ant that was an inch long.  I kept a wary eye on him,  and at one point,  a tiny ant went zipping past him and almost got stepped on by the giant ant.

Exploring Cayenne while it's deserted was not, I confess, super exciting.  What was super exciting was the fact that French Guiana celebrates part of its own Carnival today,  which involved a big parade of musicians and dancers weaving their way through town.  It began at 5pm,  and is just now finishing up 3 hours later.   This is what I spent most of my photography on today,  and I'll let the images speak for themselves. 

Quiet Sunday afternoon in Cayenne

When I'm done editing these,  this will be my favorite photo from the set.

but this one is an extremely strong contender.  Right now in its unedited form,  it's by far the most powerful image from today.

Sorry,  a bit blurry.  :(

This one and the next two are the view from my hotel room balcony during the parade.

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