Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Meeting of the Waters

Manaus was built at the location that the Rio Negro flows into the Amazon river.  Due to the geology and vegetation that those two rivers flow through,  they are very distinct.  The Amazon is a creamy brown color,  and the Rio Negro is black.  (Rio Negro means "black river" in Portuguese.)  Where these two rivers flow into each other the two waters do not really mix for miles and miles,  and the line between the two is very clear.   Today I grabbed a boat ride out to this area,  called "The Meeting of the Waters,"  and we tooled around in this area for a while.

The rest of the day I explored a little more around Manaus,  saw a bit of a fish market,  and enjoyed a nice coconut milk.  As I was photographing Jacques enjoying the coconut milk,  two Canadian girls commented on Jacques,  which eventually led to a longer conversation,  then dinner and dessert together.  One of them lives in Brasilia,  the other is visiting her from Ottawa.  It was unexpected,  and a very pleasant end to the day to have some company,  especially company that was able to speak Portuguese in the restaurants.  One of them also gave me some advice for Brasilia,  which she described as kind of like being in a science fiction world.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing the city myself.

Saw a few river dolphins while out there also.



  1. That is really neat! A very stark difference between the waters.

    1. Thanks Arren! :) Yeah, It was a little spendy to grab that boat trip, but I'm glad I did. Your laptop is still working out for me quite well, any progress on the camera?