Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brasilia Exploration - Minimalist Photographs from Minimalist Architecture

Today a friend of mine told me that she doesn't think I'll compromise my artistic integrity if I post tourist photos.  That being said,  today I'm largely posting photos that I think are closer to what I'm trying to accomplish as an artist.  There are a few "this is what I saw" photos here too,  but mostly not.

So,  what did I see today?  Mostly more government buildings.  I got tours inside the legislative building and the supreme court,  as well as the Palacia Itamaraty (building of the head office of foreign affairs).  Saw the Plaza of Three Powers (which has the presidential working palace on one side,  the supreme court on the other,  and the legislative buildings on a third.   I also saw the cathedral of Dom Bosco,  quite the impressive piece of architecture,  and a handful of miscellaneous monuments and other buildings,  all,  once again,  in the international modernist style of the 1960's.  The words "windswept plaza" etch themselves into your mind,  walking around this stuff for too long.

So.  Some images from today that I like.

Even Jacques gets in on the artistic photography.

Supreme Court building.

This is not a giant clothespin.


  1. That is most definitely a giant clothespin. Nice shots, tho.

    1. Here is a giant clothespin: :)