Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Brasilia Exploration

I leave Brasilia on Wednesday,  and tomorrow will be a down day where I prepare for the next few steps of my journey,  I'm not expecting photos or a post tomorrow.  As such,  today was the last day for me to explore Brasilia.  I've already been to quite a bit,  and it turns out that on Monday all the tourist destinations are pretty much closed.  So I ended up with a very long walk,  which I enjoyed,  and got a few low light photos in towards the end of the day.  No interesting stories,  although I was treated to an amazing little Brazilian dessert tonight,  it was described as 50% egg yolk,  50% sugar,  and 50% coconut.  Amazingly delicious.  :)

I forgot to take a picture of Jacques on the TV tower last night.  I fixed that today.

Base of the TV Tower

Bathroom tiles.

More sun,  blue skies,  big poofy clouds,  and Oscar Niemeyer architecture.  Such a rich combination.  :)

A reasonable shot of the exterior of the Metropolitan Cathedral,  with attendant statues.  The cathedral is under restoration,  so getting a shot of it that I liked from the exterior proved difficult.  This image has its flaws,  but does ok under the circumstances.

The presidential working palace.  (The equivalent of the office portions of the whitehouse,  not the bedroom portions).   I waited here for a long time as the sun set for the lights to come on and illuminate the building.  Two minutes after I left the finally came on,  but I had to catch my ride. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.

Fortunately I was able to return to the palace later,  and while there was no light left in the sky,  I did capture a reporter memorizing her notes in front of one of the columns.  Easier to see big.

And finally,  I realize this is a very similar photo to the previous one,  but I like the composition of the flag poles in front.  This is often a problem with my photography,  I'll get two compositions I like quite a bit,  but which are different from each other.  It's very difficult to know which one to pick as the best.  Comments and critique welcome on this,  by the way.  :)

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