Sunday, March 11, 2012

Small bit of Buenos Aires Exploration

Today I pretty much just too it easy,  yesterday I spent a lot of energy running around,  today was for relaxing.  So I went to what ended up being a giant hippie fair. Lots of hand made crafts,  and some antiques.  Kind of a Fremont Sunday Market on steroids,  and strung out over a single road for many,  many blocks.  It was fun,  although I didn't find anything I wanted to buy,  really.  My photos today are of some of the street performers I saw there.

Two stories.

Lots of CD sales were happening at the fair,  large tables set up with impressive collections of largely Tango music,  and a stereo system is set up at each of these,  playing some of the music you can buy.  At one point I walked past a table,  and it took me a few minutes to realize it,  but the music that was playing was tango accordion covers of Depeche Mode.  Awesome.  I regret not buying that,  perhaps I can find it when I get back home.  Maybe it's this:

Secondly,  as I noted,  the reception area at the hostel turns into a bar with loud music at about 9pm each night.  When I left for dinner the transition was in progress,  and someone had an iPad with a DJ/music creation app on it,  and was creating electronica on the fly which was being piped through the speaker systems.  Pretty entertaining.

ok.  Tomorrow will need an early start.  I have to find US Dollars in Buenos Aires,  and that might prove to be pretty difficult.  Stupid Bolivia visa.  :)

Tango with strangers

Singing the classics of Argentinian music from,  I'd guess,  the 1920's.

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