Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salar de Uyuni Trip Report Part 2

The next day we got up and continued to explore the landscape.  I tried to write down during the day of what I was seeing,  but only have a few quickly jotted notes.  These are some photos of more lagunas,  some old stone and adobe buildings near one of them,  and some odd vegetation I found along the way.  I did feel much better in the morning though,  so that was good.  The last few shots are in and around the town of Culpina K,  where we spent the night.

The water here was much calmer than the previous day,  and we had saw some excellent reflections.

Some of my fellow travelers.

The edge of this laguna had quite a bit of odd growth.

This green vegetation was surprisingly common around the laguna.  I looked at it closely,  and it is a very large number of tiny little plants.  They grew into these rounded shapes,  with quite a bit of mass.  None of the rocks in the area were round,  so I assume that the entire thing is plant material.

This last image here,  by the way,  is of Quinoa crop.  I had no idea what it looked like,  and it turns out it's quite colorful.

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