Thursday, March 29, 2012

La Paz Exploration

Today was a long day of exploration,  which is what it should be.  I am feeling better, but it's too late to write full stories about the day.  Here instead are a few anecdotes:

- I ate lunch in a restaurant that had a version of "The Scream"  but with Homer Simpson instead.
- Lots of protests in this city,  several today,  several yesterday.  They have fireworks that sound like gunfire,  but it's not gunfire,  or so I was told.
- Crossing the street in La Paz is far,  far more dangerous than it ever was in Brazil.  Sometimes just walking down the sidewalk is dangerous,  as they are frequently not wide enough for one person,  and when two people meet,  someone has to step into the street.  At one point today I was approaching a corner and a minivan came around from the other side and nearly drove up on the sidewalk,  which was only a foot and a half wide at that point.  It is not at all unusual that I could easily reach out and touch passing vehicles.  Another time today I made it half way across a street,  then was trapped for several minutes with traffic zooming past in opposite directions in front of me and behind me.  Unnerving. 

Ok.  My favorite photos of La Paz from today,  with a section in the middle from the museum of the Iglesia de San Francicso.

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  1. Love that first one. The sky is killer. And the city has nice colors.