Thursday, March 8, 2012

Colonia - Rough day which became better because of photography

Today was a rough day.  This morning, at 4am,  one of my bunkmates in my shared room got up,  walked over to the door,  and urinated on the floor.  I looked at him and said,  "Hey."  No response.  I said,  "Why don't you use the bathroom?"  and again,  no response,  other than him swaying back and forth a bit.  He finished,  and crawled back into bed.

I have no idea what this moron was thinking.  There's a bathroom attached to the room,  he could have walked 6 feet the other direction and bothered no one.  A friend of mine on facebook suggested that perhaps he wasn't actually awake,  and that would be the most charitable way to think of him.  He was pretty clearly very drunk when he got in earlier in the night,  but I've never seen someone so drunk they don't know where they're pissing. 


As a consequence,  the rest of today did not see me in a good mood.  I improved a bit when I returned to my room at 1pm to find he'd packed his bags and moved out of the hostel,  which I'm pretty happy about.  But it wasn't really until later this evening when I got the chance to do more low light photography that I really started feeling better.  Here are my shots from today.  Similar in tone,  I think,  to yesterday's shots,  but different all the same.  And I'm pleased to report that I now feel pretty good again about traveling,  and life,  and my next adventures. 

This shot was taken while feeling pretty lonely,  and I think it does a good job of representing that.


This is the same corner I shot yesterday,  but with a new approach,  and different lighting conditions in the sky.

Same here,  I also shot this yesterday,  but there were clouds and the sky was much brighter,  lending itself to a different composition.

Oh,  and I'm happy about this.  This was the shot I found near the end of the evening yesterday,  and wanted to return to it and shoot it today.  I'm very happy with how this turned out.  This is in many ways,  the quintessential old street that Colonia de Sacramento is known for.  

The old city gate

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