Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little more about Buenos Aires

Most of the day was spent running around trying to get stuff done in preparation for applying for a Bolivia visa.  That ate up mostly the entire day,  and was not very rewarding.  I did have lunch and dinner with a couple of people from the hostel I'm in,  and that was very nice to talk to people in a relaxed fashion.  Tonight I went and photographed what we've been referring to as the Buenos Aires Spike.  In fact it's some important monument,  but I'm beginning to be just a bit travel weary and not care as much about important monuments,  unless I can create nice photos from them.  :)  I did my best tonight,  it's not the most amazing photography I've ever done,  but I'll take it.  I tried to capture a little bit of the chaos around the spike,  this is in the middle of the ridiculously busy road I wrote about already. 

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