Friday, March 2, 2012

Iguassu Falls - Sunset

This morning my ankle hurt to walk on even more than it did last night.  I hobbled around wearing some flip flops to grab breakfast at the hostel,  then slowly worked my way back to my room to pack.  Once I put on my shoes the ankle started work better,  probably because the shoe lent support to the ankle.  Packing still took a while though,  and then I had to lug my two bags up some stairs,  and a few blocks down the road to catch the bus...which didn't come because of road construction detours.  So I walked another few blocks to catch the bus before it turned off the path it was supposed to be on.  The bus was crowded and it took a good 40 minutes to get to the Brazilian national park where the falls are.  Once in the park I had to catch another bus to the hotel,  and once at the hotel they didn't quite have my room ready yet because I was early.

However!  Everything since then has gone smoothly.  Also,  I should note that on the way to the bus stop I met a guy from Sweden,  and we chatted a lot while waiting for the absent bus.  Then a couple from England joined our conversation,  and by the end we had a few Australians in on it too.  So while the bus was crowded,  it was actually a lot of fun chatting with people about areas that I'll be heading to soon.  And on the bus inside the park I met a nice Romanian girl who was also traveling.  So by the time I got to my hotel,  I was actually doing pretty well.

The afternoon was spent exploring and doing photography scouting walks around the falls,  one of the images I took I've already posted.  In the evening I grabbed some food near the falls and then waited for the sun to set.  No clouds in the sky this evening,  but I think I did okay with what was there.   I was nearly kicked out of the area by the falls,  but I explained to the guy that I was staying at the hotel,  did not need to catch the last bus out of the park,  and he let me stay.  By the time I walked back to my hotel it was quite dark,  and I was glad I thought to bring a small headlamp (flashlight) along.  The last hurdle of the day was avoiding the newly spun spider webs that had begun appearing across the path.  Fortunately the headlamp lit them up and I figured out how to avoid them after cobwebbing my face on the first one.

This is the path that leads out to the middle of the water,  from where you can see Devil's Throat.  Your left half get soaked on the way out to the viewing platform,  and to balance everything out,  your right half gets soaked on the way back.  Very thoughtful of the designers of the path.

Was thinking of my friend Mark in China when I took this shot.  He's had some nice ones like it recently. 

Turns out I like this composition with those three rocks in the lower right hand corner.  It's somewhat easy to get,  although you still are being misted on from this location from the falls.

There's them three rocks again.

And one more time.  And also on the previous post too.  We'll see if I can find a better composition tomorrow morning.  :)


  1. Hmmm... with all the color i was thinking "Chameleon Falls". lol Beautiful work, Rod. I hope through all the clicking you have the opportunity to be immersed in the glorious color of creation around you!

    1. Thank you. :) Uh...who are you then? :)

  2. Those falls are gorgeous, especially in color! Well done.

    1. Thanks Mark! I have been inspired by your work lately too, and I really love your trip reports. :)