Friday, March 23, 2012

Atacama Desert - Valle de Luna

I am nearing the end of my trip,  and I wouldn't feel any different about it,  but fellow travelers often ask how long you'll be traveling for,  and more and more my answers are "um,  I only have about 2 weeks left." 

So I'm making the most of it.

Today I spent the afternoon and evening visiting an area called Valle de Luna,  or Valley of the Moon.  I made some friends along the way,  and had dinner with a Natalie Portman lookalike,  along with a German guy who is staying in the same hostel as me. 

Sadly,  the 3 Australian girls who I was going to be on a 3 day desert trip to Uyuni, Bolivia,  have cancelled their plans.  One of them is ill,  probably due to too much elevation gain too quickly,  so they are all staying behind a day and booking a trip the next day.  I'm sad about this,  as they're all three very witty and enjoying themselves immensely.  They are all doctors,  and quit their jobs in order to travel for an extended period of time.  They would have made the trip a lot of fun, but I'm sure it will be good regardless. 

However,  today was a great day,  and here are the photos I came away with.

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