Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mendoza Wine Tour

Mendoza is a major wine producing region for Argentina,  and my Lonely Planet guidebook says it would be a crime to visit Mendoza without going to at least one winery.  So,  even though I know relatively little about wine,  I decided that this would be a good idea.

I booked a wine tour through the hostel I'm staying in,  and I thought I had booked a bus tour,  but it turns out that due to language barriers,  I instead booked the opportunity to bicycle around to various wineries on my own.  Heh.  Wasn't expecting that,  but I made the best of it,  and had a good time.

I ended up meeting someone who I biked together with the whole day,  she's from Vancouver, BC,  and we chatted all the way while biking around,  trying different wines,  and eventually making it back to the bike rental shop. 

Later in the evening we had dinner,  her Spanish language skills found us a Japanese restaurant,  so I'm pleased that my desire for Asian food is temporarily been satisfied.  Much later in the evening,  a friend of a friend who lives in Mendoza and I met up for a beer and conversation.  So,  it ended up being a late evening for me,  with not enough time to post here. (and the previous day was a travel day with no photos or real stories). 

So there we are.  Enjoy these photos of my wine tour by bicycle of Mendoza Malbec country.

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