Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things are moving quickly

Over the last few days I've been spending most of my free time researching some pretty important things for this trip.  Highest on my list of priorities have been visas for Brazil and Suriname.  The other countries I plan on visiting do not require one,  but those two do.

As the date of my departure has grown closer,  I’ve gotten more and more nervous about these.  I can’t get them both at the same time,  one has to come before the other,  and I was pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to get them both.

Then I discovered Suriname now issues tourist cards at the airport.  Hooray!  And I can get my Brazilian visa expedited!  More Hooray! 

With those discoveries,   I don’t think I have to chop off the first leg of it anymore!

And with that,  I bought some plane tickets.  I now have my trip into Suriname covered (via Aruba for a single day),  as well as my exit from Brazil (Iguassu Falls to Montevideo,  Uruguay).  That should do it for the Brazil Visa.

Now,  technically the Suriname tourist card requires proof of onward travel from the country,  which I don’t have.  Hopefully the Brazilian flights will be good enough,  otherwise I’ll either have to quick buy a one-way ticket out of Suriname. 

I leave you with a photo of Jacques the Travel Turtle contemplating adventure. 



  1. Exciting to have it all come together! Congrats! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!