Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Suriname Tourist Card

I’m told that the definition of “adventure” is “things not always going the way you had planned them.”  If that’s the case,  my adventure is starting even before leaving the US.

The question foremost in my mind right now is,  “what do I need to do to get into Suriname?” 

The easy answer is,  “apply for and get a tourist visa,”  but it’s too late,  my passport is already in the mail for the Brazil passport,  and if I add one for Suriname,  it will take too long to get my passport back.

For a while I thought I could just pick up a Tourist Card upon arriving at the airport in Paramaribo.  Just to be sure,  I called the Suriname embassy in Washington D.C. recently to be sure I had the right documentation to get one.  They said,  “you can’t get one in the airport.” 

Lots of other websites out there though say I can….and….I just posted on the Lonely Planet Thorntree forum,  and someone who says they are there in Suriname says there is definitely a booth at the airport to buy them.

So now I’m left not quite being sure what my next step is.  I’m asking the airline that is flying me in to Suriname,  we’ll see what they say,  since they’re named “Suriname Airways,”  I’d expect them to be able to know pretty clearly what the deal is.

But just in case,  I’m asking the Suriname embassy in Curacao as well,  just in case I have to delay my trip a little bit and spend some extra time on a beautiful Caribbean island. 

In the meantime,  I’ve notified my condo association, purchased travel insurance,  and gotten the last of my vaccination shots.  Slow progress,  but progress all the same.

Next up:  Packing for the trip.

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