Thursday, January 26, 2012

Made it to Aruba!

Well,  I made it to Aruba.  Lots of time consuming things happened today,  including getting a rental car from an odd local car rental place,  my day pack zipper might be malfunctioning,  and I couldn't find my hotel, drove around for hours with the help of a guy who couldn't find it either.  Also,  trying to find the one thing I wanted to photograph,  the divi divi tree,  drove me nuts.  I finally found it,  and got the shot below.  Aruba is nice,  very similar to Hawaii in many respects.  Blog posts will probably be short for a while as I get the hang of this.  Enjoy the photos.

oh,  and apparently blogspot knows I'm in Aruba,  so all my links are in Dutch.  Lovely.

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